military capabilities


The listed members of the EFSPS program have a deep understanding in the area of military capabilities


The following projects by EFSPS members are in the context of military capabilities

A 'force for good in the world'? Europe and the use of armed force after 9/11 by Aleksandra Dier

In spite of the sustained effort since the late 1990s to deepen integration in security and defence policy, military interventions continue to provoke different policy responses across Europe and incite ... read more

Enhancing ESDP on the Ground. Towards a Differentiated Strategy for Plausible Scenarios of Military Intervention by Maximilian Bornefeld-Ettmann

The EU and its ESDP (European Security and Defence Policy) have assumed increasing responsibility for stability generating measures in post-conflict societies such as Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, and Afghanistan. EU- and NATO-led ... read more

France, Germany and the United Kingdom: Why commit to the further development of a European Security by Claudia Major

The project will analyse the emergence and development of distinctive structures of European governance for security and defence policy, alongside a concomitant insistence on the prevalence and primacy of national ... read more

Old Continent, New Wars: The ESDP Military Operations and International Humanitarian Law by Valentina Falco

read more

Towards a European Security and Military Strategy? by Christian Mölling

The growing importance of the European Union’s (EU) approach to security and military affairs also empha-sizes the relevance and need for an overarching European strategy informing and coordinating the different ... read more


Several publications by EFSPS members are in the area of military capabilities