The listed members of the EFSPS program have a deep understanding in the area of Europeanization


The following projects by EFSPS members are in the context of Europeanization

'Brusselisation' and the emergence of a strategic culture in ESDP by Fabian Breuer

The project is based on research conducted in the context of a completed PhD-thesis at the European University Institute (EUI) and seeks to analyse the decision-making system of the European ... read more

"Dimensionalism" and the ENP by Alena Vysotskaya G. Vieira

In light of the Eastern enlargement of the European Union, concerns over how this organisation will deal with increasing diversity of interests towards regions in its near abroad have gained ... read more

A 'force for good in the world'? Europe and the use of armed force after 9/11 by Aleksandra Dier

In spite of the sustained effort since the late 1990s to deepen integration in security and defence policy, military interventions continue to provoke different policy responses across Europe and incite ... read more


The Cyprus conflict is characterized by mutual/extensive securitizations through which the other is represented as existential threat against which the national identity and security should be secured. Owing to various ... read more

EU OR NATO? BEYOND DICHOTOMY, An analysis on French, British and German views of the emerging EU-NATO relationship in the realm of crisis management by Luis Simon Navarro

The recent development of the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP) of the EU and NATO’s parallel expansion to the field of external crisis management has led to a widespread ... read more

Middle-sized and small EU member-states in European foreign policy by Sabina Kajnč

The aim of my project is to put forward a model to study the dynamics – and its effect – between the Europeanization dimensions (projection, reception and socialization) in the ... read more

National Adaptation to the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) of the EU? by Nicole Alecu de Flers

This project was aimed at the question of in how far the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) of the European Union (EU) has caused adaptations of the national foreign ... read more

The Europeanization of national foreign policy? by Eva Gross

This project compared British, French and German policies towards the EU CFSP/ESDP since 2001. The Europeanization framework was used to analyze the impact of the EU CFSP/ESDP on ... read more

The Europeanization of public discourses and political action in Europe's foreign policy by Martin Meyer

In light of the growing suspicion towards European integration by the general public, the emergence of a European public sphere in which political actors and citizens engage in a common ... read more

The impact of EU CFSP/ESDP on national foreign policy: The Europeanization of the foreign policy of Romania by George Dura

The project will contribute to the scientific debate about how the EU CFSP/ESDP impacts on national foreign policy, by analysing the Europeanization of Romania’s foreign policy towards Moldova. The project ... read more


Several publications by EFSPS members are in the area of Europeanization