European identity


The listed members of the EFSPS program have a deep understanding in the area of European identity


The following projects by EFSPS members are in the context of European identity

"Dimensionalism" and the ENP by Alena Vysotskaya G. Vieira

In light of the Eastern enlargement of the European Union, concerns over how this organisation will deal with increasing diversity of interests towards regions in its near abroad have gained ... read more

EU-South Caucasus relations: questioning geopolitics and beyond by Sargis Ghazaryan

The EU-South Caucasus nexus is increasingly becoming a strategic issue for both parts, at the same time a disruption of this perspective would lead to a certain degree of destabilisation ... read more

European Foreign Policy: Identity, Representation and Practices: Contested Meanings and Values by Bohdana Dimitrovova

The External Image of the EU: Views from North Africa In recent years, the European Union has strengthened its claims of becoming a distinctly different type of actor with the ... read more


Several publications by EFSPS members are in the area of European identity