EU External Relations


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The following projects by EFSPS members are in the context of EU External Relations

"Dimensionalism" and the ENP by Alena Vysotskaya G. Vieira

In light of the Eastern enlargement of the European Union, concerns over how this organisation will deal with increasing diversity of interests towards regions in its near abroad have gained ... read more

Beyond the Pillars: Diplomatic Representation of EU External Relations in Third Countries by David Rijks

A European diplomacy in its own right is emerging gradually and this research project is an analytical attempt to understand the system of European diplomatic representation in the context of ... read more

Connecting the EU with Its Neighbours: Towards a New European Foreign Policy? by Michele Comelli

Aim of the project The project has the following goals: to carry out an in-depth analysis of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) aimed at identifying both its potential for development ... read more

Engaging China, Uniting Europe? Decision-Making in European Union Foreign Policy towards the People’s Republic of China by May-Britt Stumbaum

Now available as "The European Union and China. Decision-Making in EU Foreign and Security Policy Towards the PR China", Nomos, 2009 The European Union’s foreign policy is a rapidly evolving but ... read more

EU-South Caucasus relations: questioning geopolitics and beyond by Sargis Ghazaryan

The EU-South Caucasus nexus is increasingly becoming a strategic issue for both parts, at the same time a disruption of this perspective would lead to a certain degree of destabilisation ... read more

EU-Turkish Relations under the Energy Security angle: The Nabucco test case by Carlo Frappi

read more

EU-UN Coordination in the field of Security and Development in the Mediterranean and Middle East by Daniele Marchesi

The objective of research is to flag out and analyse some of the determinants of EU-UN cooperation, by identifying the circumstances and factors that favour or hinder the consistent cooperation ... read more

Europe’s Unrecognised Neighbours: EU policies towards the “frozen conflicts” by Nicu Popescu

The project studied EU policies towards the secessionist entities in Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Nagorno-Karabakh and Transnistria. Despite the fact that these entities do not exist on the map, they seriously ... read more

European Foreign Policy: Identity, Representation and Practices: Contested Meanings and Values by Bohdana Dimitrovova

The External Image of the EU: Views from North Africa In recent years, the European Union has strengthened its claims of becoming a distinctly different type of actor with the ... read more


The theme of my research was looking at whether and how threat perceptions have influenced the evolution of European foreign policy since 9/11. In order to do that, I have ... read more

European Union as Democratic Anchor. An Instrument of Conflict Resolution in its Periphery? by Elena Baracani

The goal of the proposed project is to examine the role played by the EU in the resolution of regional conflicts directly involving some accession candidate or potential candidate countries ... read more

Ex(port)Im(port) Monitoring as an Instrument to Control the Spread of weapons of Mass destruction by Gunnar Jeremias

The concept of a global trade monitoring for bio-weapons relevant items that was developed during the project was found to be technically feasible. The political framework for its implementation was ... read more

Exploring the potential and limits of the CFSP: the EU diplomatic action on Iran’s nuclear issue by Riccardo Alcaro

This project will analyse the European involvement in the dispute over Iran’s controversial nuclear programme, testing the potential and limits of the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) of the ... read more

Justice as a Security Strategy for the CFSP and ESDP by Iavor Rangelov

Justice for mass atrocity has become part of the policy equation for ending conflict and building peace and security in transition. The EU, as a global security actor, increasingly ... read more

Policy Learning in the European Union on Civilian Crisis Management: The Case of Externally Assisted Police Reform by Isabelle Ioannides

Over the years, the European Union has asserted itself as a serious political actor to be contemplated with. It is becoming increasingly involved in civilian crisis management, including police reform ... read more

The EU as an International Actor in its Eastern Neighbourhood – The Russian Case by Holger Moroff

The EU is developing a new policy towards its eastern neighbourhood. This research project on the Europeanization of security concepts and its expression in the EU’s soft security policies focuses ... read more

The EU’s Human Rights Dialogues: Constructive Engagement or Failure? by Katrin Kinzelbach

As a ‘general objective’, human rights are at the core of the CFSP. However, there is so far little case research on how the EU implements this normative goal in ... read more

The European Neighbourhood Policy towards Eastern Europe – The Perspective of the Neighbours by Andras Racz

The European Neighbourhood Policy towards Eastern Europe – The Perspective of the Neighbours Aim of the project The aim of the research project is two-fold. First, the applicant intends to conduct an ... read more

The European Union’s Development, Good Governance and Security Policies in West Africa by Marie Gibert

How is the political relationship between European powers and their West African former colonies changing as a result of the European Union’s (EU) growing role in security issues in West ... read more

The external dimension of Area of Freedom, Security and Justice: New dynamism for CFSP? by Patryk Pawlak

The Area of Freedom Security and Justice (AFSJ) has not only become one of the most important Treaty objectives but also one of the most dynamic and expanding areas of ... read more

The impact of EU CFSP/ESDP on national foreign policy: The Europeanization of the foreign policy of Romania by George Dura

The project will contribute to the scientific debate about how the EU CFSP/ESDP impacts on national foreign policy, by analysing the Europeanization of Romania’s foreign policy towards Moldova. The project ... read more

Trade as an instrument of European structural foreign policy: a theoretical assessment by Arlo Poletti

It is unanimously recognized that over the past twenty years the nature of international trade has changed in terms of both content and process The terms used to describe ... read more


Several publications by EFSPS members are in the area of EU External Relations