Decision Making


The listed members of the EFSPS program have a deep understanding in the area of Decision Making


The following projects by EFSPS members are in the context of Decision Making

'Brusselisation' and the emergence of a strategic culture in ESDP by Fabian Breuer

The project is based on research conducted in the context of a completed PhD-thesis at the European University Institute (EUI) and seeks to analyse the decision-making system of the European ... read more

Coherence and effectiveness of the CFSP/ESDP in the Western Balkans (1991-2006) by Ana E. Juncos

read more

Dynamic concepts of civilian crisis managment - the EU's involvment in the Eastern Neighbourhood. by Xymena Kurowska

The project had two aims: (1) to provide a survey of border-related EU projects in the Eastern neighbourhood, in particular in Ukraine in connection with the EU Border Assisstance Mission ... read more

Engaging China, Uniting Europe? Decision-Making in European Union Foreign Policy towards the People’s Republic of China by May-Britt Stumbaum

Now available as "The European Union and China. Decision-Making in EU Foreign and Security Policy Towards the PR China", Nomos, 2009 The European Union’s foreign policy is a rapidly evolving but ... read more


The project aims to provide a new contribution to the controversial debate on the democratic deficit of the Common Foreign and Security Policy. It is meant to assess EU democratic ... read more


The theme of my research was looking at whether and how threat perceptions have influenced the evolution of European foreign policy since 9/11. In order to do that, I have ... read more

France, Germany and the United Kingdom: Why commit to the further development of a European Security by Claudia Major

The project will analyse the emergence and development of distinctive structures of European governance for security and defence policy, alongside a concomitant insistence on the prevalence and primacy of national ... read more

Informal Directorates and EU Decision-Making: Building or Killing ESDP? by Bastian Giegerich

Informal directorates have played a crucial role in advancing the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP). This project explored this phenomenon further, asking: what are the costs and benefits of ... read more

Policy versus Practice. An analysis of the EU’s internal and external coordination of its crisis management activities in the Democratic Republic of Congo by Janina Johannsen

The new dynamic security environment of the 21st century has required a paradigm shift when it comes to dealing with a crisis. Civil-military coordination and cooperation have become a critical ... read more

The Europeanization of national foreign policy? by Eva Gross

This project compared British, French and German policies towards the EU CFSP/ESDP since 2001. The Europeanization framework was used to analyze the impact of the EU CFSP/ESDP on ... read more

The role of the new EU member states in European foreign policy towards Russia and Ukraine by Mathias Roth

The research project analyses the role of the new EU member states in the making of European foreign policy (EFP) towards Russia and Ukraine. Even before the May 2004 enlargement, several ... read more

The Transatlantic Rift over the Use of Force in Iraq: the Media Debates and public opinion by Diletta Latini

In the recent Iraqi crisis, the issue of the use of force led progressively to strong disagreements among the European political leaders, in particular to a serious rift across the ... read more

Trade as an instrument of European structural foreign policy: a theoretical assessment by Arlo Poletti

It is unanimously recognized that over the past twenty years the nature of international trade has changed in terms of both content and process The terms used to describe ... read more


Several publications by EFSPS members are in the area of Decision Making