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The European Union and the Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons - Towards the 2010 Review Conference

In 2003 the EU has elaborated and approved a comprehensive common strategy to fight the proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). In this document the EU affirmed its support for the three pillars of the international non proliferation regime: non proliferation, disarmament and peaceful use of nuclear energy. The next review conference of the parties to the Nuclear non Proliferation Treaty is due to be concluded during the spring of 2010. This new gathering is going to be of pivotal importance especially in a moment where on the one hand there seems to be a renewed interest in some disarmament initiative and, on the other, the case of the Iranian nuclear activities and the international reaction appear to put into jeopardy the whole structure of the Nuclear non Proliferation Treaty. Will the European Union be able to weight the challenges and size the opportunities opened by the review cycle of the TNP already underway? Furthermore, is an EU's common approach to the multifaceted issues related to nuclear proliferation emerging? The first aim of the project is to study both from an historical and analytical perspective the evolution of the European Union attitudes towards this fundamental issue and to follow, step by step, the members' approach to the next review conference in 2010. Second intent of this research is to identify a consistent strategy to be implemented and which could help the EU to play an active role in the preservation of the NPT regime fulfilling, in this way, the goals identified in 2003.






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September 2007: PhD in History of International Relations – University of Florence. Dissertation: “Great Britain, Détente and European Security. 1966-1975” Tutor: Prof. Leopoldo Nuti (University “Roma Tre”)

January 2004: Three years PhD Studentship in History of International Relations - University of Florence

November 2002: Degree in Political Science at the University “Roma Tre” Dissertation: “British Foreign Policy, the United Kingdom’s Nuclear Deterrent and the Non Proliferation Treaty, 1964-1968”. Tutor: Prof. Leopoldo Nuti

Other Information

Papers presented

2008, May – “Stuck in the Middle of the Transatlantic Security Dilemma” Paper presented at the International Conference Conflict and Community, University of Tampere, Finland

2007, July - “A Second Nassau Averted? US-UK Relations on the Eve of the Year of Europe”. Paper presented at the Transatlantic Studies Association Conference, 3-12 July 2007, University College Cork, Ireland

2006, May - “Great Britain, Détente and European Security,1967-1970”. Paper presented at the 1st Graduate Student Conference, European University Institute (EUI), Fiesole (Florence)

Teaching experience

March - May 2010 - \"The Geopolitics of Nuclear Proliferation\" - University \"Roma Tre\" - Advanced Course of Geopolitics

March – April 2008 – “European Foreign and Security Policy - History, Evolution and Future Challenges” – University “Roma Tre” – Course of European History form the end of the Cold War to the Present

March – April 2007: “Europe and Its Security from the Cold War to the Present”. University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Faculty of Scienze delle Comunicazioni, Course of International Politics