Ursula Schroeder

Ursula Schroeder
Address: Center for Transnational Studies,
Foreign and Security Policy
Otto-Suhr-Institute for Political Sciences
Free University Berlin
Ihnestr. 22, D-14195 Berlin

E-Mail: ursula.schroeder[at]fu-berlin.de
Telephone: +49 30 838 55529


Exporting Security Beyond the EU: Under What Conditions do Security Sector Reform Policies Succeed?

The project examines recent EU Security Sector Reform (SSR) activities. Faced with a rising number of transnational security challenges that adversely affect the EU’s domestic security sphere, internal security assistance to its neighbouring states plays an increasingly large role in the EU’s Foreign and Security Policy. Yet, surprisingly little research has focused on the design, implementation and impact of the new European SSR strategies. Does the EU succeed in exporting security beyond its borders? With its rapidly evolving security architecture and its long-standing development and humanitarian aid policies, the EU appears very well placed to carry out comprehensive security assistance projects. Yet, the research project shows that EU SSR activities follow two at times conflicting agendas: the EU is torn between its traditional foreign policy goal of developing and consolidating democracy, good governance and the rule of law on the one hand, and between the pursuit of a new internal security agenda through foreign policy means on the other. The research project assesses the impact of this clash between the Union’s ‘internal security’- and ‘good governance’-policy goals on the success of EU SSR activities. It comparatively analyses EU security assistance to counter-organized crime and counter-terrorism policies in Albania and Morocco and assesses the relevance of different domestic and EU-specific factors for the outcomes of reform efforts. Overall, the study attempts to identify the conditions under which SSR activities succeed and fail. In doing so, it can propose ways to make the export of EU security policies more coherent and effective.







Ursula Schroeder is lecturer in International Relations at the Free University Berlin. Previously, she pursued post-doctoral research at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP), Berlin and held a temporary lectureship at Humboldt University, Berlin.

Ursula holds a Phd in Political and Social Sciences (European University Institute, Florence), an MscEcon Security Studies (University of Wales, Aberystwyth), and a Diplom in Political Sciences (Free University, Berlin).

Ursula's current research focuses on the changing nature of international security assistance policies. In a project funded by the Volkswagen Foundation (2007-2009), she assesses the successes and failures of European security sector reform policies in the EU's Southern and Eastern neighborhood. A second project, located at the interface of public administration and international relations research, investigates international transfers of security norms and institutions to states in crisis or transition. Previous research addressed the convergence of internal and external security in Europe by looking at processes of organizational adaptation and change in EU crisis management and counter-terrorism policies.

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