Sammi Sandawi

Sammi Sandawi
Address: Bundeswehr Transformation Centre
Law and Politics Department

Prötzeler Chaussee 25
15344 Strausberg
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Telephone: +49 +3341 / 58 - 23 48


Organized Crime as Challenge for ESDP: Threats, Structures and Counter Strategies

With the adoption of the European Security Strategy in December 2003, the EU has officially identified Organized Crime (OC) as a key threat to the security of the European Union. The constantly increasing trade in illicit drugs, human beings and weapons is only the most visible indication of the growing power of transnational structured and poly-criminal orientated OC-networks, which also cross-fertilize with militias and terrorist groups all over the world. Due to the fact that transnational Organized Crime tends to develop especially in weak or failing states where law enforcement is insufficient, the EU, as a consequence of its crisis management operations carried out within ESDP, is no longer challenged only domestically, but has become increasingly vulnerable abroad. This research project aims to provide a current threat assessment on transnational Organized Crime and its impact on the external security of the EU. The in-depth analysis comprises in particular the tracing of linkages between OC and related security threats (especially terrorism and state failure) and will exemplify, on the basis of two different case studies (Kosovo and Afghanistan), the complex interplay between OC, state capture and post conflict management.






Sammi Sandawi studied social sciences at the Humboldt-University in Berlin. Since his graduation in 2003 he has worked as researcher and security analyst at the Institute for European Politics (IEP) in Berlin. In the meantime (I-II/2006), he served as desk officer (temporary replacement) within the Armed Forces Staff (Politico-military Affairs) of the German Ministry of Defence. Since 2007, he is political advisor at the Bundeswehr Transformation Centre in Strausberg.

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