Iavor Rangelov

Iavor Rangelov
Address: Global Governance, M108
London School of Economics
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United Kingdon
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Justice as a Security Strategy for the CFSP and ESDP

Justice for mass atrocity has become part of the policy equation for ending conflict and building peace and security in transition. The EU, as a global security actor, increasingly confronts justice dilemmas when engaging in peace and transitional processes beyond its borders. Yet justice in conflict/transition is both under-researched and under-theorized in the context of European foreign and security policy. This project sets out to address the current gap in the literature and to open up new avenues for scholarly and policy debate. First, it will clarify existing EU justice policy and practice. It will then move to explore justice-sensitive approaches to security, emerging from the justice, peace and security literature. Finally, it will integrate the research outputs to consider whether justice could be conceptualized as a security strategy for the CFSP/ESDP, in the context of European security objectives and capabilities.




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