Luis Simon Navarro



EU OR NATO? BEYOND DICHOTOMY, An analysis on French, British and German views of the emerging EU-NATO relationship in the realm of crisis management

The recent development of the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP) of the EU and NATO’s parallel expansion to the field of external crisis management has led to a widespread concern over a potential institutional overlap in the realm of European security. The aim of the present thesis is to shed new light on the dynamics underpinning the contradictory nature of the emerging EU-NATO relationship in the field of external crisis management by examining how exogenous factors –external crises, developments at the level of the structure of the international system and embedded institutionalization in Europe- affect the behaviour of France, Britain and Germany vis-à-vis the EU and NATO. The central argument here exposed is that the co-existence of elements of convergence and divergence in the interests of these three leading European States account for a contradictory relationship between the EU and NATO, characterized by both complementarity and overlap.





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