Sara Kutchesfahani

Address: School of Public Policy
University College London
29/30 Tavistock Square
London WC1H 9QU


Networking for Non-Proliferation

The aim of my research is to propose a new framework for understanding nuclear non-proliferation success. Conventional explanations have focused on the roles of power, institutions, or norms in curbing nuclear weapons proliferation. While these variables serve both a causal and explanatory role in driving nuclear non-proliferation success, I argue that there is an additional and under-explored factor in explaining successful nuclear non-proliferation, which I identify as global nuclear non-proliferation networks. These networks are made up of a combination of both state and non-state actors. I argue that future nuclear non-proliferation success depends on further strengthening and expanding the capacity of these networks. Participation in this network provides an opportunity for the EU to make a substantial contribution to ongoing nuclear non-proliferation initiatives -- an opportunity that the EU, to date, has not taken advantage of. My research project will examine why the EU has not been more active in these networks, and will aim to generate policy recommendations for how the EU can engage with and participate in these networks.







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