Elena Gnedina

Address: Queen\'s University Belfast
School of Politics, International Studies and Philosophy
21 University Square
Belfast BT7 1PA
United Kingdom
E-Mail: elena.gnedina@gmail.com
Telephone: (+44) 784 277 3626


In between Russia and the EU: Ukrainian and Moldovan foreign policies

The project studies the empirical puzzle of Ukrainian and Moldovan ‘multi-vector’ policies or the phenomenon of their simultaneous orientation towards the EU and Russia. It parts away from the traditional interpretation of their foreign policies as influenced by domestic factors, and argues for greater explanatory role of external ones. More specifically, Ukraine’s and Moldova’s lack of foreign policy direction is explained by contradictory inputs from the EU and Russia, presenting different types of expansionism and having competing interests in their ‘shared neighbourhood’. The project advances a set of hypotheses on Ukraine’s and Moldova’s foreign policy output, as a response to the EU normative influence and Russian material pressure. Apart from its theoretical value, the project has policy relevance, as it informs the EU policy-makers on the workings of Ukrainian and Moldovan foreign policies and raises awareness of challenges to the EU external policy in the Eastern neighbourhood.









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Languages Russian (native), English (excellent), Italian (excellent), Romanian/Moldovan (intermediate)

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