George Dura

George Dura
Address: Centre for European Policy Studies
Place du Congrès 1
1000 Brussels
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The impact of EU CFSP/ESDP on national foreign policy: The Europeanization of the foreign policy of Romania

The project will contribute to the scientific debate about how the EU CFSP/ESDP impacts on national foreign policy, by analysing the Europeanization of Romania’s foreign policy towards Moldova. The project looks at the channels through which this process of Europeanization takes place and examines if the process is reversed after EU accession. The project also considers how the Europeanized national foreign policy in turn affects the formulation of EU CFSP. In terms of theory, the project links the literature on Europeanization, on foreign policy analysis and on the study of EU CFSP/ESDP. Throughout the project, the work will be disseminated by offering concrete policy recommendations on the interaction between foreign policy formulation at the EU level and at the national level. The project is scheduled to last for fourteen months. Research trips for interviews and seminars are foreseen in Romania (in Bucharest and Cluj) and in Moldova (in Chisinau and in Transnistria).









George Dura is a Belgian national with Romanian and Greek roots and was born and raised in Belgium. George Dura did his BA at Kent University in the UK and returned to Brussels for his MA.

George Dura has been a Researcher at the Centre for European Policy Studies in Brussels, since 2005 and is currently a PhD candidate in Political Science at the Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve in Belgium.

George Dura also worked as a contracted researcher for the annual publication of Freedom House: Nations in Transit. He has co-authored the country chapters on Moldova during four consecutive years (2004-2008).

He has also contributed to the research of think tanks and institutes including the Centre for Economic and Social Research (Warsaw), the Institute for International Affairs (Rome), the EU Institute for Security Studies (Paris), the Institute for Political Studies of Defence and Military History (Bucharest) and the European Council on Foreign Relations (London).

His research interests focus on the EU Common Foreign and Security Policy and EU Security and Defence Policy, on the European Neighbourhood Policy (East), on EU-Russia relations, on Romania-Moldova relations in the context of the EU enlargement and neighbourhood policies, on conflict resolution (in particular the Transnistrian conflict).

George Dura is fluent in English, Dutch, French, Romanian, Greek and has a basic knowledge of German.

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