Bohdana Dimitrovova

Bohdana Dimitrovova
Address: Place du Congres 1
Bruxelles 1000


European Foreign Policy: Identity, Representation and Practices: Contested Meanings and Values

The External Image of the EU: Views from North Africa In recent years, the European Union has strengthened its claims of becoming a distinctly different type of actor with the ambition to be treated as a global actor in world affairs. Building on the existing literature in the social science and my previous research, my project examines how the Europe is seen or understood by those ‘outside’ as a global or regional actor, and especially by its recipients so to address critical weaknesses of the EU external policy. In the interests of defining a viable and manageable research project, I focus here on particular policy framework- European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) towards two selected case studies Morocco and Algeria. The EU’s neighbourhood is thus testing ground for validating the EU’s distinctive claims of a transformative power, gaining its influence through encouraging the internal transformations of societies. My research Project seeks to contribute on three levels. First, this research intends to facilitate new theoretical insights into the debates which dominate the EU’s foreign policy. Second, the empirical research in Morocco and Algeria will contribute to non-Eurocentric analysis body of literature which undoubtedly lacks in the cotemporary policy research and across the social science in Europe. Third, this Project will formulate a set of policy recommendations and hence will increase awareness and information for the formulation of European foreign policies.






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Other Information

Current Positions: 11/2008- present: Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Nijmegen Centre for Border Research, Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Associate Research Fellow, Center for European Policy Studies, Brussels ( Honorary Fellow, Center for International Borders Research, Queen\'s University Belfast

Research Project Research Fellow (2006-2009), FP6 Project EUDIMENSIONS, see Theme: Wider Europe, civil society, cross-border and regional cooperation Queen\'s University Belfast, Center for International Borders Research

Visiting Research Fellow (2007-2008): Center for European Policy Studies, Brussels

Papers given at the conferences June 2008- \'Re-bordering of Values through the European Neighbourhood\', at Values vs. Security conference, Maastricht University

October 2006- ‘Promoting Civil Society across the Borders of the EU Neighbourhod’, at EUDIMENSIONS workshop, Gdansk.

October 2006- ‘Re-bordering at the Periphery Security versus Values’, at Technology, Borders: EU Responses to New Challenges, Center for European Policy Studies, Brussels.

July 2006- ‘Towards a Controversial Border Strategy? The Case of Transcarpathia’, at Regional and Euroregional structures at the Romanian - Hungarian - Ukrainian - Moldavian border, Oradea.

June 2006- ‘Bordering and Re-bordering in the European Neighbourhood: Discourse of Security and Cooperation’, at Association of Borderlands Studies Annual Conference, Queen’s University of Belfast.

Other Professional Experience

March 2007: Short Term Observer, EU Election Observation Mission to Mauretania, Presidential Elections

August 2006: Medium-Term Observer, EU Election Observation Mission to Congo Presidential and Legislative Elections

June 2005: Short Term Observer, EU Election Observation Mission to Burundi Legislative Elections

July 2003: Summer School for Public Administration Officials; College of Europe- Institute of Postgraduate European Studies, Diploma received, Natolin, Poland

November 2001- Polling Supervisor, OSCE Election Mission Kosovo Parliamentary Elections