Niklas Bremberg

Niklas Bremberg
Address: Department of Political Science
Stockholm University
106 91 Stockholm, Sweden

February-July 2009
Visting Fellow
Institut Universitari d\\\'Estudis Europeus (IUEE)
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

September-December 2008
Visting Fellow
European Policy Centre (Brussels)
Telephone: +46709104987


Civil Protection in the Mediterranean region: security community-building beyond EU enlargement?

This research project aims to contribute to the understanding of the European Union’s (EU) role in international security. On a theoretical level it seeks to explore the problem of how to understand the security relations between the EU and the states in the southern Mediterranean in relation to the latest rounds of EU enlargement. The research project mainly draws upon, and aims to develop, new and innovative research in the field of International Relations (IR) and Security studies. The empirical focus is set on EU civil protection as a case of security and confidence-building in the Mediterranean region. In the empirical investigation, qualitative methods such as text analysis and interviews will be used in order to carry out an in-depth case study which will include at least one EU member state and one southern Mediterranean state.








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