Emma Stewart

Address: Department of European Studies and Modern Languages,
University of Bath,
Bath, BA2 7AY, UK
E-Mail: e.j.stewart@hotmail.co.uk


The European Union and Frozen Conflicts in the South Caucasus

The project examines the role of the European Union in preventing and settling conflict in the South Caucasus: a politically unstable and underdeveloped region on the margins of Europe. What can the EU do to promote stability in the region, and to encourage the settlement of the long-standing ‘frozen’ conflicts in Georgia and the disputed Nagorno Karabakh territory between Armenia and Azerbaijan? The EU’s capabilities as a significant foreign policy actor are likely to be assessed in the coming years on the basis of its ability to establish a stable, conflict-free zone in the pan-European area. The work aims to draw policy relevant conclusions on the role of the EU as an international actor in an area largely overlooked by both academics and policy-makers.










Name: Dr Emma J. Stewart

Address: Department of Modern Languages and European Studies, University of Bath, Claverton Down, Bath BA2 7AY

email: e.j.stewart@bath.ac.uk


PHD ‘The Evolution of European Union (EU) Conflict Prevention Policy’ Department of Politics, International Relations and European Studies, Loughborough University, October 2001- August 2005. PhD awarded 19 December 2005.

My PhD examined the evolution of EU conflict prevention policy as an internal EU process and as an area of external cooperation with the United Nations (UN), the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The thesis critically analyzed the EU’s conflict prevention policy to date, concluding that long-term development goals are in danger of being marginalized in favour of shorter-term crisis management. Furthermore, EU external cooperation reinforces this trend: the priority is cooperation in crisis management with the UN and NATO, rather than longer-term cooperation with the OSCE.

MA European Studies with Distinction and Dean's Commendation for Excellent Academic Performance University of Exeter, October 1999-September 2001 (part-time). MA awarded 14 January 2002.

2.1 M.A (Hons) English Literature & History University of Edinburgh, October 1992-June 1996. Degree awarded 12 July 1996.


Peer- Reviewed Publications

Stewart, E.J. (2007) ‘EU Foreign Policy in the South Caucasus’ CFSP Forum Volume 5 (3).

Stewart, E.J. (2006) ‘The Militarisation of the EU: the Death Knell for Comprehensive Conflict Prevention?’ CFSP Forum Volume 4 (1).

Stewart, E. (2004) ‘Preventing and Managing Conflict in the Former Yugoslavia: The Role of the European Union’, in Aleksandar Fatic (ed.) Security in Southeastern Europe, Belgrade: Security Policy Group, the Management Center.

Stewart, E. (2003) ‘Conflict Prevention: Consensus or Confusion?’ Peace, Conflict and Development, Peace Studies Department, University of Bradford, Issue 3 (www.peacestudiesjournal.org)

Other Publications

Stewart, E.J. (2006) The European Union and Conflict Prevention. Policy Evolution and Outcome. Münster: Schleswig-Holstein Institute for Peace Research/Lit Verlag.

Stewart, E. (2004) ‘The European Union’s Conflict Prevention Policy: A Unique Contribution to a Global Problem?’ Paper presented in the ‘New Roles for the EU in International Politics?’ Workshop, European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) 32nd Joint Sessions of Workshops, Uppsala, Sweden, 13th-18th April. This paper is used as set-reading on the ‘ESDP Civil-Military Coordination ‘course, a European Community training project for EU personnel, run by the Folke Bernadotte Academy, Sweden.

Pitcairn, E. ‘The Role of the European Union in Crisis Management and Conflict Prevention: A Case Study of Former Yugoslavia,’ Masters Thesis, University of Exeter, Centre for European Studies, 2001.


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Other Information

I am co-editor of the bi-monthly online journal \'CFSP Forum\'.