Marta Quille

Address: Institute of European Studies, ULB
39 Avenue F.D. Roosevelt
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Common Foreign and Security Policy in Practice: the EU in the Great Lakes

In the Great Lakes where the EU has been playing an increasingly central role, the complexity of the crises affecting the region required a varied and rich toolbox to address them. The development of Common Foreign and Security Policy has provided the EU with the possibility to exert a political role in the GL that goes beyond its community approaches and includes amongst its objectives, peacemaking initiatives to foster good governance and justice. The research project intended to investigate how CFSP has informed the formulation and implementation of EU policies in the GL. Whilst assessing EU’s achievements in the area, it intended to focus on the challenges facing the EU with particular issues of coordination and coherence of the EU’s political, developmental and security objectives affecting the region.








Other Information

Conference and Seminar Papers

Burundi: no war/no peace. Conference paper, Brussels, 1 October 2007.

Human Security: New Paradigm in International Relations? New Security Doctrine for Europe? A response to Eric Remacle – Seminar paper, Brussels, 14 March 2007.

La cohérence interministérielle: entre tradition et innovation. Le cas des « Conflict Prevention Pools » au Royaume Uni. Research report prepared for the Group de Recherche en Appui aux politiques de paix (GRAPAX), Brussels, 5 february 20007. 27 pp.

To pacify and secure : implications of the security development nexus for SSR, Conference paper, Brussels 20 November-1 December 2006.

La politique belge en soutien des programmes de désarmement, démobilisation et réintégration des ex combattants dans la region des les Grands Lacs , Brussels, GRAPAX, April 2006.

Les programmes de démobilisation désarmement et réintégration des ex combatants comme facteur de pacification dans la Région des Grands Lacs, Conference paper, Bujumbura, 20-22 September 2005.

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