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Nicu Popescu
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Europe’s Unrecognised Neighbours: EU policies towards the “frozen conflicts”

The project studied EU policies towards the secessionist entities in Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Nagorno-Karabakh and Transnistria. Despite the fact that these entities do not exist on the map, they seriously affect the whole set of bilateral and multilateral EU relations with its Eastern neighbours.










Nicu Popescu, PhD, is senior research fellow and head of ECFR's programme on Russia and Wider Europe. In 2010-2011 Nicu served as advisor on foreign policy and European integration to the Prime-Minister of Moldova where he dealt with a wide range of issues related to EU-Moldova relations. He has recently published a book on EU foreign policy and the post-Soviet conflicts: Stealth Intervention.

Before joining ECFR in 2007, Nicu was research fellow at the Centre for European Policy Studies in Brussels (2005-2007) and visiting fellow at the EU Institute for Security Studies in Paris (2005). He holds a doctorate in International Relations from the Central European University in Budapest (Hungary). Nicu is also deputy chair of the Moldovan Foreign Policy Association and board member of PASOS.

Nicu runs a blog on the EU's neighbourhood and Russia for the EU Observer: English). He has also published op-eds in Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Kommersant (Russia), Die Welt, EU Observer, European Voice etc.

Languages: English, French, Russian and Romanian.

Areas of expertise: developments in the post-Soviet space; EU relations with Russia and the Eastern neighbourhood (Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and the South Caucasus); the European Neighbourhood Policy; secessionist conflicts in Moldova and the South Caucasus.

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