Patryk Pawlak

Patryk Pawlak
Address: European University Institute
Department of Social and Political Science
via dei Roccettini 9
50014 San Domenico di Fiesole (Fi)


The external dimension of Area of Freedom, Security and Justice: New dynamism for CFSP?

The Area of Freedom Security and Justice (AFSJ) has not only become one of the most important Treaty objectives but also one of the most dynamic and expanding areas of the European project. While several policy areas are being gradually communitarised (formally and informally), others are still managed within the intergovernmental context. This division has been hardly possible to maintain in light of the September 2001 events which by some are regarded as a first cross-pillar test of the Union as a security actor. The relationship between pillars has become more blurred and the necessity to generate an adequate set of responses has led to the adoption of several documents making reference to the need for cross-pillar coordination. With time, the second and third pillars have grown close and currently third pillar anti-terrorism issues are part of political dialogue meetings on the basis of CFSP. Furthermore, agreements with third states combine policies on the basis of both (or even all three) pillars. On the other hand, the Council Common Positions on combating terrorism clearly combine foreign policy issues with increased cooperation between the services responsible for combating terrorism. Against these developments, the cross-pillar context of the AFSJ gains on importance. The following research aims to investigate the changing relationship between the three pillars in the context of the fight against terrorism. It tries to answer what is the nature of change in the relationship between pillars and how this change might impact the CFSP. Taking the network approach to study the interaction between AFSJ and CFSP actors, this research argues that dynamism in the field of AFSJ may contribute to dynamism in the area of CFSP, if not through formal then through informal mechanisms.






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Patryk Pawlak is a participant to the European Foreign Policy Studies Program since September 2006.

He is a researcher at the European University Institute in Florence where under the supervision of Prof. Friedrich Kratochwil he completed a PhD dissertation entitled 'Network politics in transatlantic homeland security cooperation'.

From October 2009 he is also a post-doctoral fellow at the Centre for International Relations (Warsaw), Centre for Transatlantic Relations (Washington, DC) and Chatham House (London) in the framework of the Transatlantic Post-Doc Fellowship for International Relations and Security (TAPIR).

Before joining the European University Institute, Patryk has obtained his degree in Advanced European Studies from the College of Europe.In the course of his academic career, Patryk was a visiting researcher at Georgetown University, Centre for Peace and Security Studies. Recently, he was also a non-resident research fellow at the Centre for European Policy Studies in Brussels. During his undergraduate and graduate studies he has been an exchange student at universities in Milan and Antwerp. His professional experience includes internships at the European Commission Directorate General for External Relations (US Unit).

His main areas of interest include the EU-US relations, external relations of the European Union, and the external dimension of the EU Justice and Home Affairs (in particular issues related to border protection).

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