Martin Meyer

Martin Meyer
Address: Pembroke College
University of Cambridge
Cambridge, CB2 1RF
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0) 7910 168 193


The Europeanization of public discourses and political action in Europe's foreign policy

In light of the growing suspicion towards European integration by the general public, the emergence of a European public sphere in which political actors and citizens engage in a common dialogue will become an increasingly important issue with regard to the ongoing process of creating an effective and legitimate European foreign policy. Martin's research seeks to offer a first indication of the degree to which public debates are being shaped by a European frame of reference in the foreign policy domain. It draws methodologically and theoretically on the insights of the Europub international research project (, in which he worked as a research associate. He is analyzing the Europeanization of foreign policy discourses by means of a longitudinal content analysis of newspaper articles in Germany and the United Kingdom from 1995 until 2007, as well as interviews with selected foreign policy actors in these two countries and the European Union. His preliminary results indicate that the degree of Europeanization is still very modest and highly dependent upon specific events which resonate with national preoccupations. The public tends to discuss European issues whenever some relevance and link to the national level is perceived. In these cases, however, debates tend to be dominated by national actors without offering a voice to actors from the EU or other European countries. When there exists no apparent link to the national level, the modest degree of Europeanization one finds is due to the media merely reporting on Europe’s actions in world, but without representing the vertical and horizontal interactions which go into creating the European foreign policy. This is problematic because it conceals from civil society the relation between the national and European level, and the fact that the European foreign policy is something which can be actively shaped and influenced.






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