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    Curriculum Vitae for Vasilis Margaras

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    PhD in European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP), University Loughborough, Supervisor: Dr. Mark Webber (2004-2008)

    MA in Contemporary European Politics and Society (Average grade: B+) University of Bath, September 2000 - December 2001

    First-class Honours with Distinctions in French and Spanish Spoken Language BA (Hons) Modern Languages (French, Spanish, European Politics) University of Wolverhampton, September 1996 – June 2000

    Work Experience

    January 2007- January 2009: Volkswagen Stiftung Foundation-Compagnia di San Paolo, Research Project on ideas and perceptions in ESDP (topic of research: ESDP: the emergence of an EU strategic culture?)

    January 2005- May 2005: Campaign Worker, Andy Reed, Member of Parliament, Loughborough, Leicestershire

    Summer 2004/2005: Tutor, Summer School on the Olympic Games and Greek Civilisation for Children with Special needs, Summer School on Politics, Citizenship and Participation, Wolverhampton University, UK

    2004: Researcher (Project on Turkish EU Membership under the supervision of Dr. Mark Webber), Loughborough University

    2002-2007: Part-time Research Assistant and Visiting Lecturer, School of Humanities, Languages and Social Sciences, Forum for the Study of Cuba, University of Wolverhampton

    February 1999 – June 1999: Campaign Worker Working for Fernando Moran (Former Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs 1982-84), in Madrid, Spain, during the European and local elections.

    September 1998 – February 1999: Personal Assistant to Simon Murphy MEP Working at the European Parliament in Strasbourg dealing with constituent enquiries, covering meetings, filing, writing reports and interpreting.


    January 2007- January 2009: Volkswagen Stiftung Foundation-Compagnia di San Paolo Young Faces Scholarship January 2004: Departmental PhD Scholarship (2003-2006), Loughborough University January 2001: The Cycladic Bursary for Higher Education Studies December 2000: The Annual Mykonian Scholarship for Postgraduate Studies (Greek Regional Government) October 2000: The Carillion Award for Languages (University of Wolverhampton) May 2000: Bursary for the MA in European Politics programme (University of Bath)


    The Galician autonomy elections of 19 June: A modest vote for Change? (2005) Vol. 18 (2), International Journal of Iberian Studies

    Encyclopaedia Entries World Encyclopaedia of Political Parties, Entries of Finland, Czech Republic, Caper Verde and Ivory Coast

    ‘Colonel Neo-Colonialism’ in Anticipations, The Journal of the Young Fabians Vol 7, Issue 2 Summer 2003

    Leaflet ‘Interviews for Postgraduate courses’, (2004), Jim Hoyle & Vasilis Margaras, Careers and Development Service, University of Wolverhampton

    Book Reviews The Bath University Specialist Group on Ethnic Politics: •John B. Allcock, (2000), ‘Explaining Yugoslavia’, Hurst & Company, London, UK •P. H. Liotta, (1999) ‘The Wreckage Reconsidered – Five Oxymorons from Balkan Deconstruction’, Lexington Books: USA. •Robert K. Schaeffer, (1999), ‘Severed States, Dilemmas of Democracy in a Divided World’, Rowman & Littlefield: USA. Chris Rumford, ‘The European Union: a political sociology’, Oxford Blackwell, Political Studies Review Vol.2, No.3 September 2004 Anatol Lieven & Dmitri Trenin (eds), 2003, ‘Ambivalent Neighbours: the EU, NATO and the price of membership’, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Political Studies Review Vol.2, No.3 September 2004 Vangelis Calotychos, (2003), ‘Modern Greece-A Cultural Poetics’, Berg, Journal of Contemporary European Studies, Vol.12, No.2, August 2004, Sinisa Malesevic. Ideology. Legitimacy and the New State. Yugoslavia, Serbia and Croatia. London: Frank Cass Publishers, 2002. 338 pp., Southeast European Politics Online, Volume V, No 1, May 2004, Jose Magone, (2004) Contemporary Spanish Politics, International Journal of Iberian Studies, Vol. 17. No.3, 2004 Cristina Palomares, (2004), The Quest for Survival After Franco: moderate Francoism and the slow journey to the polls, 1964-1997, Political Studies Review, Vol 3. No.1, January 2005 Giovanna Bono, ‘Peace-Enforcement’ Tasks and ‘Policy Communities’: 1990-1999, European Foreign Affairs Review, Vol.10, Issue 2, Summer 2005 R. Tiersky, ‘Europe Today, National Politics, European Integration and European Security’ (2004) Journal of common Market Studies, vol.43, No.2 June 2005


    ‘A tale of two treaties’, A discussion: Alain Lipietz and Jean-Luc Melenchon, Red Pepper, March 2005,

    Conference Papers (selection):

    ‘ESDP: an ethical security and defence policy in the making?’ European Foreign Policy Conference, LSE, 1st-2nd July 2005

    ‘From the Barbarisation of War to the Barbarisation of Governance: war barbarisation as a tool of governance analysis’, The Barbarisation of Warfare Conference, , Wolverhampton University, 27-28th June 2005

    The Second LSE PhD Symposium of Modern Greece, Representing Greece in Brussels; the paradox of a fragmented national image, June 10th 2005

    ‘The electoral strategy of the Labour Party’, Roundtable on the British General Election 2005, Loughborough University, May 2005

    ‘The Greek-FYROM border: new narratives, old themes?’ Crossing Borders-Histories, Theories and Identities, Glamorgan University, 2nd-4th December 2004

    ‘European Security and Defence Policy and the concept of a European Strategic Culture’, Loughborough University, November 2004

    ‘CESDP: Towards an EU strategic culture?’, European Foreign Policy Conference, London School of Economics, 2nd-3rd July 2004

    Teaching Experience 2006: Introduction to Human Rights 2005: Introduction to International Politics, European Integration 2004: Introduction to EU Politics, A Global World? Theory and Politics of Globalisation, Introduction to IR, Introduction to Politics (University of Wolverhampton) 2003: Holocaust Studies, Spanish Business, Spanish Beginners, (University of Wolverhampton)


    November 2006: Elected Chair of the Student Forum for the University Association for Contemporary European Studies (UACES) also Member of the UACES Steering Committee

    Other interests

    EU Politics and Comparative European Politics, Theories of European Integration, Mediterranean Politics, EU-US relations, Organisation and Study of Political Parties and Social Movements, Conflict Prevention and Civilian Crisis Management, EU Humanitarian and Development Policies

    Group Memberships

    Member of the University Association for Contemporary European Studies (UACES) and Political Studies Association (PSA), Young Fabians, European Federalist Movement, Member of the Learning and Teaching Politics Group, University of Wolverhampton

    Other Information