Claudia Major

Claudia Major
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Research Fellow
German Institute für International and Security Affairs (SWP)
Ludwigkirchplatz 3-4
10719 Berlin

Lecturer: Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris, France


France, Germany and the United Kingdom: Why commit to the further development of a European Security

The project will analyse the emergence and development of distinctive structures of European governance for security and defence policy, alongside a concomitant insistence on the prevalence and primacy of national sovereignty in this area. The reasons behind the French, British and German commitment to ESDP will be analysed as well as how, and to what extent, the three countries have influenced the emergence and the further development of ESDP. The comparison will be based on three cases central to ESDP development: the leadership (institutional) dimension, the functional dimension (Rapid Reaction Force) and the conceptual-doctrinal dimension (European Security Strategy)












Claudia is research fellow in the International Security Division at SWP Berlin. She ist also teaching European security and defence policy at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po). Claudia holds a PhD from the University of Birmingham, UK. She studied history, political and social sciences in Lyon, Berlin and Paris, and graduated from the Free University Berlin and the Institute of Political Studies Paris. Previous placements include the German Council on Foreign Relations (Berlin), the Center for Security Studies, ETH Zurich, Sciences Po Paris and the EU Institute for Security Stuies Paris. She also worked as political consultant inter alia on security and defence policy and industry at IPA Network, Berlin.

Claudia’ main areas of expertise are:

Claudia’s work has been recognised by the award of national and international fellowships, inter alia a scholarship of the Volkswagen Foundation awarded on behalf of the Research and Training Program in European Foreign and Security Policy Studies, UACES, the German Merit Foundation, the EU Institute for Security Studies, the Manfred-Woerner-Seminar, the Young Koenigswinter Conference, the Koenigswinter Conference and the New Faces Conference of the International Forum on Strategic Thinking at the DGAP.

Besides her native German, Claudia speaks fluent French and English and basic Russian.

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