Eveline Hertzberger

Eveline Hertzberger


Intelligence Cooperation in the EU

Sharing intelligence within the European Union to fight terrorism This research project takes place within the Security Governance/Counterterrorism Cluster at the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute in Turin, Italy (www.unicri.it). It commenced in June 2006 and it projected to finish in the summer of 2007. The research is a part of the European Foreign and Security Policy Studies Programme, which is a research and training programme aimed at enhancing the qualification of the next generation of European intellectual leaders and policy experts. This programme is funded by a cooperation of three European foundations: Compagnia di San Paolo (Italy), Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (Sweden) and VolkswagenStiftung (Germany). The research aims to map the current situation of intelligence exchange between EU Member States and designated European information agencies (European Police Organization (Europol), Intelligence Division of the EU Military Staff (INTDIV), EU Satellite Centre (EUSC) and Joint Situation Centre (SITCEN)). The main research question is: what are the most important problems in intelligence sharing within the European Union to combat terrorism? The following topics will be part of the study (the result of the research): the changing security environment of the EU, the way intelligence is used to combat terrorism, a description of the EU intelligence community, and the current state of intelligence sharing. Through targeted interviews with operational personnel and policy makers, the research aims to arrive at a consistent, realistic and efficient set of analyses and recommendations. A specific focus of the research is the role of personal contacts and informal sharing of intelligence. The research aims to design effective recommendations to improve intelligence cooperation in the EU, amongst others by understanding and stimulating the role of personal and informal contacts in intelligence cooperation.





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