Tobias Heider

Tobias Heider
Address: Welserstr. 4
D-1777 Berlin


The Effectiveness of European Foreign and Security Policy: Evaluating and Explaining Crisis Management in the Balkans

The objective of the research project is to evaluate the effectiveness of European crisis management during the Bosnian conflict 1991-1994. The research design relies on an analytical framework which is theoretically informed and seeks to generate both, an evaluation of the effectiveness of two European crisis management initiatives during the Bosnian crisis, and a comparison of both cases. Due to the fact that one European initiative has been triggered in the framework of European Political Cooperation (EPC) and the second one in the context of the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), the project contributes to the question of whether the introduction of CFSP with the Treaty of Maastricht has increased the EU Member States‘ ability to a more effective crisis management. The project shows that both European crisis management initiatives, the Carrington-Cutileiro-Plan 1992 and the EU Action Plan 1993, can only produce a short time positive effect on the parties in conflict. The medium term effect of these initiatives has in both cases a negative impact on the ground as the level of conflict increases compared to the situation prior to both initiatives. This means that despite the introduction of CFSP, the strengthening of European institutions in the field of a joint crisis management has been unable to produce more effectiveness on the ground. The project only shows greater capability in terms of planning with regard to crisis management policies. When it comes to the implementation of joint policies, severe problems of credibility remain. Therfore the project ultimately refutes the so called institutionalisation-hypothesis with regard to the Bosnian cases.







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