Caroline Fehl

Caroline Fehl
Address: Goethe University Frankfurt
Cluster of Excellence Normative Orders
Working Group International Organization
Senckenberganlage 31
D-60325 Frankfurt
E-Mail: fehl[at]


A Single Voice for Multilateralism? EU Foreign Policy Coordination and Transatlantic Conflicts Over

The European Union has declared the promotion of a multilateral world order a key objective of its foreign policy. The proposed project evaluates the EU’s suitability for its self-proclaimed role as “champion of multilateralism”, by investigating whether increased coordination of national foreign policies through the EU framework strengthens the multilateral orientation of European policies. Because member states can choose whether or not to coordinate individual policies under CFSP, it is vital to know whether a “single voice” will generally “speak out louder” for multilateralism at the global level. The relationship between EU coordination and multilateralism is analysed through a study of transatlantic conflicts over multilateral agreements, that is, conflicts in which European multilateral goals are challenged by the US as the global hegemon. Theoretically, the study draws on existing work on the EU as an “international negotiator”, while broadening the analytical scope of these existing approaches to include the EU's “second pillar”, CFSP.








Dr. Caroline Fehl is currently a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow/Assistant Professor with the Cluster of Excellence "Normative Orders" at Goethe Unversity Frankfurt. She previously held an ESRC Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at the Unversity of Oxford, Department of Politics and International Relations.

Caroline studied Political Science at Albert Ludwigs Universität Freiburg, Freie Universität Berlin, and Columbia University, New York, and received her DPhil in International Relations from Oxford University in 2009 with a thesis on "Living with a reluctant hegemon: Explaining European responses to US unilateralism".

She has wide teaching experience in International Relations at the Universities of Oxford, Frankfurt, and Greifswald. Course topics have included an International Relations survey class, Cold War history, international institutions and law, and transatlantic relations.

In addition to research and teaching, Caroline has completed internships in the European Parliament - where she worked on arms control issues including nuclear non-proliferation and cluster munition - as well as in journalism.

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