Mark Bromley

Mark Bromley
Address: SIPRI
Signalistgatan 9
169 70 Solna
Telephone: +4686559736


The Europeanisation of EU arms export policies

In recent years there has been a concerted attempt to harmonise European policies on arms exports. Of particular importance is the EU Code of Conduct on Arms Exports, which lays out standard criteria for assessing applications for arms export licences. While studies have examined the impact of this process on levels of transparency and parliamentary accountability, there has been no systematic analysis of its effect on domestic polices concerning when and when not to export military equipment. This study will examine whether the Code has led to more harmonised export policies and, if so, whether this has created more restrictive or more lenient export policies. The study will be grounded in, and contribute to, theoretical debates concerning Europeanisation, understood as the process by which national policies alter under EU-level pressures.






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