Maximilian Bornefeld-Ettmann

Maximilian Bornefeld-Ettmann
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Enhancing ESDP on the Ground. Towards a Differentiated Strategy for Plausible Scenarios of Military Intervention

The EU and its ESDP (European Security and Defence Policy) have assumed increasing responsibility for stability generating measures in post-conflict societies such as Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, and Afghanistan. EU- and NATO-led peace enforcement missions there cover a complex spectrum of tasks. But it is only through the unification of organisation, doctrines and military culture and the availability of appropriate capabilities, that the danger of aggression, civil war, and genocide can be minimised. Political scientist Max Bornefeld-Ettmann, who has also practical experience as a military officer in crisis management on the ground, plans three case studies in the above-mentioned regions. Against the background of the respective conflict history the approaches of the intervening forces are to be evaluated. As there is no best case scenario, results relevant for improving EU strategy are to be gained from a cross-comparison of successes and failures.






Max Bornefeld-Ettmann studied political science and modern and medieval history in Münster, Hamburg and Leipzig. He carried out research projects at the Dresden University of Technology, at the Institute of European Politics in Berlin and at the University of Münster (Westphalian Wilhelms-University).

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