Xiana Barros-Garcia

Xiana Barros-Garcia
Address: Robert Schuman Center of Advanced Studies
European University Institute
Via delle Pallazine 17/19
50014 San Domenico, Italy
E-Mail: xiana.barros-garcia@eui.eu
Telephone: +39 3484751205


The International Dimension of the EU’s Counter-Terrorist Policy: Explaning Decision-Making

Since the 11 of September 2001, the EU has developed from holding relatively unimportant tasks to gaining a sizeable cluster of responsibilities in anti-terrorist matters. Nevertheless, the greatest share of competences still lies at the national level. The current EU’s role in counter-terrorism is characterised by several asymmetries: the EU has been given a bigger role in the internal security realm than in the international dimension and, inside the international dimension, the EU’s role is greater in some matters than in others. This project is aimed at a better understanding of the EU decision-making process which led to the asymmetries existent within the foreign policy dimension. Thereby, the core question is why the member states decided to give a greater role to the EU in specific matters and yet not in others? The empirical focus of the project are the decision-making processes of: the establishment of an EU list of terrorist organisations and individuals, the setting-up of the obligation to introduce a counter-terrorist clause in all new EU agreements with third countries/entities, the spread of EU counter-terrorist technical assistance towards third countries/entities and specific elements of the Transatlantic cooperation.





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