Jan Andersson

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Forging a European Capability?

This project examined the forging of a European defense and defense industrial capability and the role of transatlantic relationships in this endeavor with a focus on the actors and forces driving this development. In particular, the project focused on two broad, alternative explanations for the development of a European defense and defense industrial capability: 1) the first type of explanation draws on systemic theories in international relations and sees power balancing as driving European defense and defense industrial policymaking, while 2) the second type relies on theories of domestic and bureaucratic politics and sees the political struggle between representatives of economic and bureaucratic actors with different interest in the defense and defense industry as the explanation. This project also examined how the development of a European defense and defense industry relates to existing transatlantic security arrangements in NATO.








    Dr. Jan Joel Andersson (b. 1971) is Program Director and Research Fellow at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs. His current research focuses on the development of Swedish and European security and defense policy, transatlantic relations, and public-private partnerships in the protection of critical infrastructure systems. Previously, he was a Senior Lecturer in International Relations at Stockholm University, a former Visiting Fellow at the Institute for Security Studies in Paris, and has worked in a U.S. Senator’s office on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. A graduate of Uppsala University, Dr Andersson received his M.A. and Ph.D. in political science from the University of California at Berkeley.

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