Welcome to the information platform of the academic EFSPS program. A program to support academic exchange beyond national borders on a common European Foreign and Security Policy. This webpage, supported by three major European foundations, informs about the program, the participating experts and their individual projects and publications.


The research and training program “European Foreign and Security Policy Studies” (EFSPS) supports research projects which go beyond the national views currently dominating academic and practical approaches towards a common European Foreign and Security Policy.

It was jointly developed by the Compagnia di San Paolo, Turin/Italy, the Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, Stockholm/Sweden, and the VolkswagenStiftung, Hanover/Germany.

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The roughly 100 program participants come from a diverse cultural and professional background. Each of them has worked through the EFSPS program in three different countries to gain an intra European understanding on common European Foreign and Security Policies

Alumni EFSPS Participants can be found in institutions such as the European Commission, the ISS or other European institutions.

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EFSPS members research a broad range of topics relevant to a Common European Foreign and Security policy. Below, these topics can be browsed to reveal which experts are active in the research field, which EFSPS projects are beeing completed relevant to this topic and which publications by EFSPS members have been published.

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